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We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he/she is someone today.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he/she is someone today.

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Upon a child’s birth, the first thing that comes to every parent’s mind is his or her future. How do I make enough money to bring up this child, what do I want my child to become and an ardent desire that my child should grow up to be as successful or better than I. The thoughts about the child’s future are unceasing. Seldom does anyone think what I should do to nurture this child emotionally and mentally as well as physically TODAY!

Children tend to grow up before we know it. Their emotional and mental development is faster than physical growth. It is amazing to see the level of understanding of a seven or eight-year-old child when it comes to dealing with an unpleasant situation. Just like they need the right food and exercise to grow healthy and strong, they need the right environment and stimulus to mature and stabilize emotionally and mentally.

The different stages of growing up are not all rosy for either the child or the parent. There are divergent issues which crop up during that period. Some of the common issues are Defiance, Lying, Addiction to electronic gadgets, Eating Disorder, Disrespectful Behaviour, Temper Tantrums, Mood Swings, Aggression etc. Children also fall prey to debilitating emotions like insecurity, lack of confidence and helplessness. These concerns are often ignored initially in the belief that the child will overcome the trying phase with time or shelved/brushed under the carpet for immediate convenience.

Most of the time children display such behavioral changes unconsciously to grab the attention of the parent. If we are vigilant, such problems can be tackled as soon as it occurs and even prevented. The reason behind such changes is often attention deficit, the feeling that they are not loved or understood, sibling rivalry, lack of communication and understanding on the part of the parent. In such a mental state, it is easy for the child to seek attention outside the home and fall into bad company or get into trouble.

During one of our Summer Camps, we came across a child who was brilliant in studies, however, lacked the confidence to interact with others. From the several conversations I had with him, I gathered that the reasons behind his lack of confidence were several; the most evident reason being the troubled relationship with his father. Father being a busy person, often failed to see his son as another individual and expected him to live up to his expectations. When this does not happen, finding faults in everything the son does and looking down on him made the child feel small and worthless which in turn affected his self-confidence.

I endeavored to make the child realize that even though he is feeling hurt by the father’s behavior, one possible reason why his father is being hurtful could be to give him the fuel to stand up for himself and fight back. I also urged him to talk to his father about how he feels at that juncture and the effect it has on him.

We are theoretically aware that more than anything, our child needs our love, unstinting support, and attention. However, how many of us give up talking over the phone, chatting, texting, working at home or squaring up the never ending routine chores around the house – at least for half an hour a day – to spend time with the most important person in our life? How many of us tell our children about the good and bad events/experiences/learnings of that day? Do we realize that we are master craftsmen, creating our masterpiece? It is very easy to make your child feel confident, happy and secure. It takes just a bit of effort on the parents’ part to give that extra touch of love and attention to your child. If that does not suffice, getting help from a professional or getting your child enrolled in a hobby, interest he or she likes will also be of help.

It is necessary to teach your kids valuable lessons. It is even more important to tell them what the lesson is and how it will help them in their life. Unexplained lessons could be misunderstood and possibly provoke rebellious behavior.

Along with thinking about our child’s future, let us also think of what he/she needs to make Today a better Day in all aspects.