Corporate NLP

02 Dec 2017

A great batch of participants declaring their enthusiasm to learn and grow. Understanding different perspectives, building foundation for smoother relationships - to avoid conflicts

Corporate NLP

18 Nov 2017

Attaining heights is something everyone yearn for. How one can reach there is a question for which not many know answers. Elevating each participant to a level where they became

Children’s Day Program

14 Nov 2017

Children must be rooted in responsibility but should have the wings of independence.  The one day event for children aged 5 to 13, was filled with learning and games. We wish

Conscious Parenting

11 Nov 2017

Every parent likes to believe that they are better than their own parents. They often think they give their children what they never received. The session was to wake the conscious mind

Corporate NLP

23 Sep 2017

NLP has great techniques and tools to help you fulfill not just your personal goals but also achieve professional goals. Training a great group of people on how to increase their

Outbound Learning Program - ThinkPalm

29 July 2017

With various levels of employees present, from new joinees to the COO of the company, the sessions were tailored to meet the expectations of all. The adventure activities and team

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