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Individual Stack

Corporate Training

Do you fall into the same behavioral or emotional patterns, which often affects your pursuit of success and happiness? Procrastination, poor time management, emotional outbursts, challenges in maintaining relationships, not having time for self, etc. can bog you down in life.

What if changing your thoughts, emotions and behavior is as easy as changing channels on your TV or installing a new program on your computer?

Key impact areas

  • Annual planning
  • Change in career
  • Conscious parenting
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Language improvement
  • Family relationship management
  • Positive impression management
  • Self-motivation
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Work-Life balance


  • One day NLP for beginners
  • Two day advanced program
  • One day workshop on Conscious parenting
  • Large family outing with adventure based learning
  • Coaching/Counselling sessions

Your advantage
Learn to get the best out of you; and project to the world around.

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